s johannot

Message from the Head of School

I founded in 2004 Mosaic school. By this act of will, I wanted to offer to a new generation a school mirroring my convictions and my ethics.

My first conviction is that today more than ever we must learn to overcome our preconceptions, to open up to the reality of a multicultural world, through the knowledge and the understanding of one another.

My second one is the added-value of multilingualism in education. This goes beyond the mastering of various languages, it’s the understanding of how languages function, of their role, their history, their evolution, and the relationship amongst them. This is why Mosaic delivers a bilingual teaching, with an openness to German, as well as non Latin languages (Russian, Arabic, Mandarin).

Finally, the third one is the importance of offering a programme which goes beyond a purely academic curriculum, not only to make students aware of artistic and sports subjects, but also and moreover to help the development of other emotional and intellectual abilities. This is the aim particularly of drama lessons in the school programme from the age of 3, but also dancing and hip hop lessons, etc.

The passion I feel would be vain without the essential help from the other partners in this educational adventure: parents who by their trust and their involvement support our teaching, and of course the teachers who translate it in daily teaching acts, with admirable passion and conviction.

And if today Mosaic welcomes children till age 12, we are really aiming at tomorrow’s adults.

I will end with a quote which allies in my view the 3 pillars essential to a human being: his innate skills, the quality of the teaching which will have enabled him to develop them, and the use he will make of them.

Sylvie Johannot

«If we can access the use of all forms of human intelligence and develop a partnership with our ethics, we will clearly be on the right path to increase our chances of survival on this planet. We will definitely contribute to its prosperity ».

Howard Gardner, 1993