Our students graduated at age twelve, at the end of their primary studies. We have trained them so that they can integrate in any type of school system : francophone, anglophone or bilingual. But above all, we have developed in them a capacity of adaptation, courage in front of the unknown, and self-confidence.

Whether in Switzerland or abroad, here are some of the schools they moved onto :

  • Geneva: Ecole Moser (bilingual and francophone), International School of Geneva (francophone – anglophone – bilingual), Institut International de Lancy (bilingue), Geneva Secondary School (anglophone), public school (francophone), Collège du Léman (bilingual)
  • Brussels: Lycée de Bruxelles
  • Dubai
  • New York
  • Istanbul

I could not be more grateful to have had the opportunity to be a student at Mosaic. I have so many wonderful memories from my time there and I will treasure them for the rest of my life. I think the greatest gift that Mosaic has given me is the fact that I now speak fluent French. It has opened up a word of opportunities for me and my future. Not many people I know have had or will ever have this chance and I am so thankful to everybody who made it possible. Les amis que j’ai fait étaient une grande partie de mon école primaire. Tout le monde venait (et vient toujours j’imagine) de bien des pays différents, ce qui a ouvert mes yeux sur des cultures complétement différents. Maintenant, j’ai des amis dans le monde entier que je n’oublierai jamais.

Alice, Ecole Mosaic 2007-2011

Je fais partie des rares qui étais à Mosaic depuis le 1er jour et jusqu’à la dernière de primaire. J’y ai passé 7 années. Mosaic est comme une famille car tout le monde se connaît et les grands aident toujours les petits et c’est une atmosphère qui m’a aidé à me développer pour aller dans ma nouvelle école ! Mosaic m’a aussi permis d’avoir un aspect social plus facile du à la diversité et au théâtre qui malgré tout nous permet de nous extérioriser d’avantage.

There is also the international aspect which makes us have an open mind whom lots of other children dont have. I’ve learned to switch languages just like that. I did not realize that at all until lately but it really helps me very much and a lot of my friends envy me.

I just wanted to thanks Sylvie for everything she did for me and you know what I think about you!!! I have to thank as well my favorite teacher of all times, Heather, thank you for everything, I really miss you! En français, pour une prof qui m’a marqué aussi, Merci pour tout Sandrine!!!!

Sasha, Ecole Mosaic 2004-2011

I spend the first two years of my stay in Geneva at Mosaic. I came to Geneva without knowing any words in English or French.

With the help of the enthusiastic staff and the friendly students, some of which I am still in contact with today, I got over many challenges and managed to become fluent .... a task that seemed impossible at the time.

I am thankful to Mosaic for the tools I received while being there, without this start I could not excel at the school I am in today.

Hagar, Ecole Mosaic 2010-11

Ce que Mosaic a fait pour moi.

Quand je suis arrivé à Genève, je ne savais parler ni anglais ni français. J’étais très confus à mon premier jour à l'école Mosaic, car je n’avais pas compris ce que les professeurs m'ont dit, et je ne pouvais pas parler aux professeurs ou aux élèves.

Mais heureusement pour moi, pendant les trois années où j’ai étudié à l’école, le staff de l’école était très patient, ils m’ont soutenu et ils ont tout fait pour m’aider socialement et pédagogiquement.

Quand j’ai quitté Mosaic pour un autre collège je n’avais pas de problème pour parler aux professeurs et aux élèves. Grâce à Mosaic j’ai un niveau de langue maternelle en anglais et en français.

How Mosaic Helped Me.

When I arrived in Switzerland, I did not speak English nor French.
My first day in Mosaic I was completely confused, I didn’t know anyone, I couldn’t understand what the teachers were saying and I couldn’t speak to anyone.

Fortunately for me, during the three years I’ve learned at Mosaic, the school’s staff was very patient, supportive and did everything to help me both socially and educationally. When I left Mosaic to middle school it didn’t take me a lot of time to make friends because Mosaic gave me communicational skills and language skills.

Now I’m in ninth grade and I’m in mother tongue level both in English and French. Thanks to Mosaic I have language and social skills and memories I will cherish forever.

Noam, Ecole Mosaic 2010-12