This program is being updated.

The curriculum is bilingual and is based on the new PER (applied since 2011 in the canton of Geneva) and on the British national curriculum.

We expect our students to have the same level in English and French at the end of their primary school period. They are not two programmes led jointly, but they make up a single programme which respects the objectives of the Swiss and the British programmes.

Just click on your child's grade level to access the objectives of Mosaic curriculum which combine both national programmes.

Our programme is reinforced by four annual projects, which unite the school around transdisciplinary subjects:

  • One World
  • Foreign Languages & Civilisations
  • The Science Project
  • The End of Year Show

Mosaic also strives to promote attitudes (autonomy, integrity, etc.) and know-how (how to communicate, how to research, etc.). Our curriculum is enhanced with theatre, dance (contemporary, capoeira, hip hop), music (and choir), non latine languages (Russian, Arabic, Mandarin), sports (gymnastics, sailing, swimming) and library as from 1st primary. Specialist teachers teach these subjects. It is very enriching for the students to have subjects that take into account multiple intelligences.